Smile Aesthetics: Aspects of an Aesthetically-Pleasing Smile

Your smile is part of your personality The curve of our lips and the look of our teeth reveal our feelings and expressions. An attractive smile therefore helps improve one’s image and self-confidence.

Aspects of an Aesthetically-Pleasing Smile

Your Teeth : Teeth enable proper chewing, speech and is the most visible aspect of your smile. Shade, position and alignment of your teeth all affect the aesthetics of your smile personality, together with the lips that frame them.

Your Gums: Gums support the teeth and is the foundation of an aesthetic smile. It is important not only to have healthy and white straight teeth, but also to have healthy pink gums.

Your Jaws: Supporting the lower half of the face, your jaws give character to your face.

Smile Aesthetics Checklist

Answering these questions can help determine if you have an aesthetic dental problem:

Sometimes, it may require a team of different dental specialists in order to achieve excellent dental aesthetics.

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