Dental information on Partial Dentures

The following dental information pages answers many of your questions on partial dentures.

What are removable partial dentures?

When only a few teeth are missing, a partial denture is advised for the patient. The first choice of course would be a fixed partial denture (FPD). Unfortunately an FPD can replace only limited number of teeth. Replacing too many lost teeth with an FPD would place tremendous strain on the remaining teeth. So in these cases, a removable partial denture (RPD) would be the ideal choice. The removable partial denture can be placed and removed by the patient and can be made to replace many missing teeth.

What are cast partial dentures?

A removable partial denture can be made of acrylic (plastic like material) or a combination of acrylic with metallic framework. The metallic framework is usually made of cast metal. The metal used may be gold based or chrome cobalt alloy. These metallic dentures or cast partial dentures are much superior to the regular acrylic dentures.

What are Valplast Partials

Valplat is a type of flexible denture material that can be used to fabricate partial dentures. These materials unlike traditional plastic dentures are flexible and therefore makes the denture flexible. The advantages these dentures have over the hard plastic dentures inckude flexibility, lighter in weight and can be fabricated smaller in size.

How do the partial dentures stay in place?

Partial dentures use a variety of mechanisms to stay in place. Close physical contact of the denture with the underlying soft tissue along with the intervening saliva provides one means of retention. In addition the cast partial dentures have metallic clasps, which hold on to the remaining teeth that help in keeping the denture in place.

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