How to Brush

Proper Teeth Brushing

Proper brushing is the first step to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. It takes at least two minutes using a recommended technique to do a good job of brushing your teeth. Whether you are using a regular toothbrush or a power toothbrush, you should spend 30 seconds brushing each section of your mouth (upper right and left, lower right and left).

Step One: Front of Teeth

For the outer tooth surfaces, place the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle toward the gumline

Use gentle, short strokes, moving the brush back and forth against the teeth and gums.

Step Two: Teeth Chewing Surfaces

Use this same motion to clean the chewing and inner tooth surfaces.

Step Three: Backs of Teeth

To clean the inner front tooth surfaces, hold the brush upright and use gentle up-and-down strokes with the tip of the brush.

Step Four: Brushing the Tongue

Donít forget to brush along the gumline, and make sure you reach the teeth right at the back

Also give your tongue a brushing - itíll help keep your breath fresh!

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