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Healthy teeth and an attractive smile can change your appearance and improve self- confidence, and we are here to help you achieve this.

With the materials and techniques available today dramatic changes to the appearance of teeth can be achieved to enhance the smile, and your mouth will also feel more comfortable.

Our experienced doctors, certified assistants and caring staff are totally dedicated to your family's dental health. Expect a friendly environment and all the high-tech advances of modern dentistry in a comfortable, new facility. Call us now for an appointment - 040-23002003.

Creating Smiles

Our entire team is trained to exceed your expectations. To achive this level of success requires us to provide the right ingredients.

*Calm, relaxing environment.
*State-of- art treatments
*Conservative values about health.
*Thorough, hygenic, exacting standerds.
*Gentle, pleasent, comfort-based solutions
*Expertise that goes way beyond the norm

Successful Smiles

Three stratergies used to encourage better oral health in adults:

1) Inform

*Periodontal (gum) disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults
*75% of adults of 35 years and above have symptoms of periodontal diseases
*Gum diseases is linked to heart attacks, strokes, low birth-weight babies...
These facts might move you to take some action, but it can be overwhelming without further guidence.


*Periodontal means "around the tooth"
*Tarter and plaque harbour bacteria that causes gum disease.
*Use of some medications, smoking, pregnency, illness, stress and heridity can increase the effects of gum disease.
Education is vital and guides you a bit more, but often without the help of a dental specialist gum disease can get out of hand.

3)Collaboration with YOU...

*A team approach means better results
*By working with you and your dentists, we can determine the best treatment options that fit your specific needs.

Combining the needs of our patients with our skill and expertise can create the success our patient want.

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